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How I Travel Once a Month for Free: Beginners Guide Part 1

When I graduated college as an engineer, I started to think about my future. Now that school was out of my future, I had other aspects of life to ponder such as my hobbies, my passions, and my goals in life. As I thought about these aspects, I realized I hadn’t really ever experienced my […]

The Ultimate Big Bend National Park Hiking Guide

For the past three years, I have been making a huge effort to visit the U.S. National Parks. My end goal is to see all 59 of them. But a few months back, I realized I hadn’t been to the most popular National Park in my own state of Texas; Big Bend National Park. So, […]

Where to Stay, Eat and Drink in Chicago: Winter Edition

When I heard we were on our way back to Chicago in December, I was thrilled! We were going for a friend’s wedding the Saturday before New Years Eve. That left us with a day and a half to explore the wonderful city. I already experienced Chicago previously in the summer and it was such […]

How to View the Delicate Arch Without the Crowds

  My alarm pierced my dreams and eardrums at 5 a.m.. Once I came into consciousness, I felt exhausted just thinking about getting out of the comfy warm bed, to go out into the cold morning. It was our last night of our 7 day trip in Utah, but our only night in a hotel. […]

A Backpacking Guide to the Needles District at Canyonlands National Park

After hiking through Capitol Reef National Park, and exploring Goblin Valley State Park, we headed toward Moab to discover Canyonlands National Park. When most people think of Canyonlands, the first thought that comes into people’s minds is the most well known district Islands in the Sky. In actuality, Canyonlands consists of the three following districts: […]

10 Photos that will Inspire you to Visit Goblin Valley State Park

While doing some research on Utah’s parks, I stumbled upon a state park located in the middle of the three national parks we planned on visiting (Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands). The park is called Goblin Valley State Park. The pictures of the park were marvelous, and so we decided that we had to visit […]